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STC provides merchants with the data and tools to determine the correct tax sales and use taxes in over 7,000 states, counties, and cities.

Highlight on Sales Taxes: A Steep Rise in Changes to Sales Tax Rates

Tax Rate Calculation—STC offers three types of service to determine sales taxes:

  • Manual—Subscribers may use either our online calculator or desktop calculator to calculate sales tax rates and amounts.  Here is the online form to try:
    Customer's Shipping Address:
    State:   ZIP: 
    Amount:     (optional)
    You may enter a combination of fields in the customer's shipping address:
    • a specific ZIP code
    • a City and State
    • a County and State to get a list of its cities
    • a State to get a list of its counties and cities

    Enter an optional amount to multiply with the sales tax rate.

    Each subscription level is good for up to one year and for up to the number of calculations subscribed, after which time or number of calculations you will be asked to select a new subscription level going forward.  There is no setup fee for the Manual subscriptions—simply select the desired subscription level below after signing up on our web site!
  • $ 20 per year for up to200 calculations
    $ 30 per year for up to300 calculations
    $ 40 per year for up to450 calculations
    $ 55 per year for up to700 calculations
    $ 75 per year for up to1,100 calculations
    $120 per year for up to2,000 calculations
    $190 per year for up to3,600 calculations
    $300 per year for up to6,500 calculations
    $480 per year for up to12,000 calculations
    $770 per year for up to22,000 calculations

  • Sales Tax Data—STC offers regularly updated data files with sales and use tax rates by ZIP code for the entire United States, as follows:
    $2,045 per year forfour quarterly updates
    $3,055 per year fortwelve monthly updates

    The data format is a simple, fixed-length text file containing approximately 40,000 U.S. ZIP Codes, one record for each including the ZIP code, state abbreviation, county name, city name, and the general sales and use tax rates for the state, county, and city levels. The county level may include any regional or district taxes that have been added in that area. (see data file format, the license agreement, and a sample file)

    The periodic updates include two files--the first with one record per ZIP code and the second with possibly multiple records per ZIP code enumerating the various names and rates that might apply within each ZIP code.

    After subscribing, you will receive periodic notices sent to the email address registered with your account with instructions for where to download the updated and complete file from our FTP site and the current password to unlock the compressed ZIP file.

    We do not have nor can provide any historical data, and under no circumstances do we give out our data for "free" for any requests for "research".

  • Automated—Merchants wanting to perform automated or programmatic calculations will need to integrate our TaxCalc software interface module that will connect your business system directly to our servers to calculate rates.  The license to use an automated interface that connects to our servers costs $375 and also requires a minimum annual subscription which starts at $190 per year for up to 3,600 calculations (1st year included with the license fee), with expanded subscription levels as follows:
  •  $ 190 per year for up to3,600 calculations
     $ 300 per year for up to6,500 calculations
     $ 480 per year for up to12,000 calculations
     $ 770 per year for up to22,000 calculations
    $1,230 per year for up to40,000 calculations
    $1,970 per year for up to72,000 calculations
    $3,150 per year for up to130,000 calculations
    In either case, the tax rates are calculated in real-time with an SSL connection to our high-speed, secure servers so the results are always 100% current and accurate.

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